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Today we present you our new feuilleton: Things you always wanted to know about the Solution Focused Approach but did not dare to ask.
Every week, you will be able to read a new topic

The Solution Tango FAQ – a solution focused feuilleton

Question number 1: What is the solution focus all about?

Three-minute explanation Imagine you are in the elevator with your CEO and she gives you three minutes to explain what this solution-focused mumbo-jumbo is all about. This is what you might say. To set the right tone and get her in the mood for what’s coming, you could start by saying: “Good morning, Mrs. CEO. Thanks for asking me […]

Question number 2: Work smart, not hard!

How can you manage to work less hard as a manager, and still get your employees to work smarter? Dear reader, this is your captain speaking. Please look at the instructions in the seat pocket in front of you. What follows is crucial information, so please sit tight and listen carefully. Because of your lack […]

Question number 3: How do I manage myself?

It’s lonely at the top The way to the top — every top — is long and often crowded. Yet only few really make it there, and the way up is never ever easy. You have been working hard and intelligently to get into the position you are in today. But that doesn’t finish the […]

Question number 4: The perfect manager – superfluous?

What is left for you as a manager when your employees can help themselves? In your career as a manager you may well have dealt with a boss that suffered from the horror vacui: the feeling of anxiety that befalls someone when he or she thinks that they do not have much to contribute, or […]

Question number 5: Coach hat — manager hat

What if wearing different hats as manager and coach gives you a headache? If this happens, it is very unfortunate because wearing more than one hat comes with your double role as manager-leader and managercoach. When it is not clear to both yourself and your employees that every manager has (at least) two different roles, […]

Question number 6: How do I manage my employees?

A little note on the concept of resistance Resistance is a peculiar form of cooperation.How often do you hear: “I would like to … but no one will support me” or “If it were up to me, that would have been finished a long time ago but the others don’t want to …” or “The […]

Question number 7: Who do I coach first?

Who do I coach best as manager: the stars or the underperformers? Now this is a tricky question. First, you need the courage to admit that your team is not perfect while at the same time you need some wisdom so as not to blame yourself for your non-perfect team. Then you have to fight […]

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