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How to deal with Covid19 in a Solution Focused manner.

First of all, we wish you all lots of strength, success and health in these difficult times. We also wish you some luck because an invisible enemy like a virus is counting on statistics. So: as we say here in Belgium these days: stay in your kot (at home), wash your hands and keep your distance.

Many of you are on the front line, others on the second line and each of you will contribute to the best of your ability to tackle this (inter)national health crisis.

We all work in service to people. Some solution oriented insights that might be useful:

  1. Exactly follow the guidelines of the real experts.
  2. Physical health comes first, but our mental health also needs hygiene: limit social media and new statistics to a daily minimum, do not participate in disaster tourism from behind your computer ….
  3. A little scare is useful if you can use it as a resource, don’t panic.
  4. Many -myself included- experience a (slight) mourning for the threatened self-evidence of our existence. Accept this and help others to see it and accept it.
  5. Resilience as the ability to undergo disruptive life events, get through them and learn from them, is now vitally important. Train this skill in the way that best suits your abilities and situation.
  6. The international outbreak of Covid19 for us, the general public, is not a problem but a limitation. The way we deal with this limitation is a problem for which a good solution is thinkable. For the scientists Covid19 is a problem, not for us.
  7. Contact is the motor for change but also the resource for healing. This crisis teaches us that physical distance can be a platform for emotional closeness.
  8. Find together with your beloved loved ones what still works, what gives you a small (and why not: a big) pleasure. A fat book, an hour in the sun, the best bottle of wine instead of cheap wines, a tele-cuddle…

Per ardua ad astra,


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